Fire Marshals Association

of Colorado

FMAC Legislative Committee

The mission of the Fire Marshals Association of Colorado (FMAC) Legislative Committee is to promote fire safety and prevention through the State of Colorado legislative process.  We strive to advocate for policies and regulations that enhance public safety, protect property, and reduce the risk of fire-related incidents in our state.

In conjunction with the Colorado State Fire Chiefs, the FMAC Legislative Committee identifies, tracks, and develops positions on proposed Colorado State legislation that may have an impact on fire prevention and life safety.  FMAC is committed to collaborating with lawmakers, government agencies, and industry stakeholders to develop and implement evidence-based solutions that address the evolving challenges in our communities as it relates to public safety.  By working together, we aim to create a safer and more resilient Colorado for all its residents and visitors.

Please visit the Bill Tracker on the Colorado State Fire Chiefs website to see the current list of Proposed State legislation that both FMAC and CSFC are monitoring:

FIRE MARSHAL'S ASSOCIATION OF COLORADO                                                                  To Promote and Support Fire and Life Safety through Education,                    Legislation, and Code Development.

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