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CPVC Inspector/Plan Check Training Class

  • September 15, 2023
  • 09:30
  • South Metro Fire Training Facility, 17801 Plaza Dr., Parker, CO - and online via Zoom


  • In-Person morning training RSVP for FMAC members not staying for lunch
  • In-Person morning training RSVP for FMAC members INCLUDING LUNCH
  • Morning training, in-person, no lunch
  • RSVP for FMAC MEMBERS planning to attend via Zoom meeting
  • RSVP for people planning to attend via Zoom meeting

PRESENTATION:  CPVC Inspector/Plan Check Training Class

Fire Marshals!  Invite your inspectors for this one.  Spears CPVC training cards will be provided for those who attend.

This class will last approximately 3 hours and provide the attendees with the opportunity to learn the proper Inspection, Plan Checking, Testing, Handling and Installation of CPVC fire sprinkler pipe, fittings and valves. It will review the Listing and Approval applications while addressing key points of the Spears® Manufacturing FlameGuard® FG-3 CPVC Fire Sprinkler Products Installation Guide. The program will also include discussions on the related codes and standards NFPA 13, 13D and 13R governing the installation of residential and light hazard fire sprinkler systems.

Some of the key topics that will be discussed include:

  1. Cure Times of new, cut-in and repair installations
  2. Solvent Cement & Sprinkler Obstruction Inspection Issues
  3. Hanging & support spacing and methods
  4. Earthquake / Seismic Bracing requirements
  5. Hydrostatic and Air testing of CPVC systems
  6. Expansion and Contraction Issues
  7. Special Installations – Attics, Interstitial Spaces, Basements, Garages & Underground
  8. Freeze Protection - Anti-Freeze, Dry and Pre-Action Systems
  9. Bending and Deflection of CPVC Pipe
  10. Incompatibility Issues
  11. Approved Compatible Products

Speaker: Jeff Butler (Spears FlameGuard)

Jeff Butler has held numerous notable positions in the plastic pipe, fitting and valve industry for nearly twenty five years. As a Technical Services Representative for Spears Manufacturing, Jeff works within the Fire Sprinkler, Plumbing, Industrial and Technical markets providing a number of training and technical services for customers in their offices, the field and virtually.  In recent years, he’s advised and trained hundreds of Inspectors, Building Officials, Contractors and Engineers. Jeff is a member of the NFSA, AFSA and ASPE organizations and is an active participant and keynote educator and speaker in other local industry association conferences, expositions and trade events.

Jeff is our local Technical Service Representative with Spears FlameGuard.


Business Meeting to follow the presentation.  Please register for the business meeting separately from our Events page.

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