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Li-Ion Energy Storage & Mitigating Fire Hazard in Top-Loading Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems - FM Global

  • May 19, 2023
  • 09:30
  • Virtual via Zoom Meeting


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PRESENTATION:  (1) Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems, and (2) Mitigating Fire Hazard in Top-Loading Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems 

The presentations will cover:

(1) the fundamentals of Li-Ion Battery energy storage systems, the associated hazards and mitigation, and loss lessons for outdoor installations; and

(2) Top-load automatic storage and retrieval systems (TL-ASRS) create a difficult challenge for traditional fire protection systems. Multiple robots powered by on-board batteries travel simultaneously along rails above tightly spaced stacks of plastic containers, resulting in extremely dense combustible storage without aisle spaces or other means to access the storage area. Large-scale tests have shown that, for some storage systems, final extinguishment can be achieved through the combination of automatic sprinklers at the ceiling coupled with manual firefighting strategies. This training session will cover fire testing that provides the basis for current fire protection recommendations, while also addressing installation and operational considerations that support manual firefighting efforts, such as access walkways to improve access having robots vacating the fire area.

Note: because the speakers will be participating remotely via Zoom Meeting, the FMAC E-board has decided that the May meeting will be an all-virtual meeting.

Speaker:  Denise Beach (Staff Engineering Specialist, FM Global) and Benjamin Ditch (FM Global)

Denise Beach has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a certificate in fire protection engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Denise is an FM Global technical specialist on compressed gases, fuel/combustion safety, semiconductor manufacturing, power gen fire protection, and energy storage systems. Denise previously served as the Senior Gases Engineer with the National Fire Protection Association. 

Business Meeting to follow the presentation.  Please register for the business meeting separately from our Events page.

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